Classroom Recording

UW faculty and students have the ability to record lectures and presentations within specific classrooms through Engineering Media Services, as well as use managed recordings and DIY productions to make videos almost anywhere.

EMS Managed Recordings

Media Services assists with these recordings. They will start and stop the recordings and adjust audio levels and control cameras if necessary. This service can be used in the following places:

  • 1610, 1721, and 1800 Engineering Hall
  • 1106, 1153, and 1163 Mechanical Engineering
  • 1003 Tong and 1025 Engineering Centers Building

This type of recording will result in a higher quality production. Managed recording may have a fee associated with it, Contact EMS for a consultation.

Instructor Managed Recordings

Instructor is responsible for positioning the camera, using a mic and starting and stopping the recording. The service is free of charge, but will need to be set up in advance by Engineering Media Services Staff.
This type of recording is available in rooms:

  • 1227, 2317, and 2534 Engineering Hall
  • 1143, 1152, 1156, and 1164 Mechanical Engineering
  • 265 Materials Science Engineering